January 26, 2021. 8 pm IST. Interview Master Class for MBA admissions.
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Our 2020 season of Business Class lecture series is now over. It started from August 2020 and lasted till December 2020. We will be announcing 2021 season soon.

Weekly Business Class | Every Sunday at 7 pm sharp.

We have a weekly live video interaction every Sunday in our study group. We call it a Business Class. It is a zoom call with every participant on video. It is led by a moderator/host and features interactive conversation with industry experts and a industry mentor. Participation is only by invitation.

1st in the series: 16th August 2020, Sunday. 7 pm.
Topic: Why this mbaSPARK group?

2nd in the series: 23rd August 2020, Sunday. 7 pm.
Topic: 6 Top skills companies look for in a fresh MBA

3rd in the series: 30th August 2020, Sunday. 7pm.
Topic: How to use LinkedIn for MBA success?

4th in the series: 6th September 2020, Sunday. 7pm.
Topic: Internships 101. All your questions answered.

5th in the series: 13th September 2020, Sunday. 7pm.
Topic: How to find good mentors. All your questions answered.

1st external speaker interaction: 11th September, 2020. 8 pm sharp
Topic: Careers in Marketing. Featuring AMA with Bhartendra Singh, Aditya Birla Capital.

6th in the Business Class series: 20th September 2020, Sunday. 7pm.
Topic: Success Essentials 4.0 | Critical thinking – 6 ways to become an effective critical thinker, in conversation with Yogesh Kochhar.

7th in the Business Class series: 27th September 2020, Sunday 7pm.
Topic: Success Essentials 4.0 | Collaboration – How to manage conflicts and build high performance teams through effective collaboration, in conversation with Sharanbir Kaur.

8th Business Class: 4th October 2020, Sunday 7pm.
Topic: Success Essentials 4.0 | Creativity – How to get it right through design & innovation, in conversation with an industry expert on design thinking & innovation.

9th Business Class. Sunday 18th October. 7pm.
Topic: Communication Skills for student managers. How to crack the code for success through this core skill.

10th Business Class. Sunday 1st November. 7pm.
Topic: How to crush your job interview. Expert interview skills that lead you to success.

11th October 2020, Sunday. Break. No Business Class.
Time for MBA mid-term exams for Sparkies and also submit 3 assignments by 11th October 2020

12th Business Class. Sunday 8th November. 7pm.
Topic: Internships: How to get the right internship and make the most of this experience.

13th Business Class. Sunday 22nd November. 7pm.
Topics: Selling skills, why this core skill matters for all MBAs. Career Opportunities in Corporate Banking.

14th Business Class. Sunday 29th November. 7pm.
Topic: Careers in Operations Management

15th Business Class. Sunday 06th December. 7pm.
Topic: Careers in Human Resource Management

16th Business Class. Sunday 13th December. 7pm.
Topic: Leadership Skills Referral code: MBAsparkWeb

More details will be made available on our #mbaSPARK study group on WhatsApp. Please sign up by filling up the Google Form below if you haven’t already done so.

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