Our Speakers

At MBASpark, we believe in delivering the best of what we can. In our every Sunday Business Class, we go beyond representing speakers for our Sunday Business Class Sessions.

The mission of the Industry Speaker Session is to help students explore various learnings and options that are there in the industry itself by leveraging the expertise of our corporate partners.

We invite accomplished professionals from diverse industry networks to share their stories and engage directly with the students, who appreciate the unique perspectives speakers bring.

In the sessions so far, we have had

Mr.Yogesh Kochhar| Strategic engagement, Corporate affair, and PR at Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. |
Profile photo of Deepali Naair
Mrs.Deepali Naair |CMO IBM India & South Asia |
Profile photo of Dr. Shishank Shishank
Dr. Shishank Shishank |Senior Lecturer in Operations Management at Birmingham City University |
Profile photo of TD Chandrasekhar
Mr.TD Chandrasekhar, |Partner BAF. |
Profile photo of Rahul Malhotra
Mr.Rahul Malhotra |Executive Director, ABC Consultant |
Profile photo of Alok Kedia
Mr. Alok Kedia |Speaker, Mentor, Country Head – Business Banking, Corporate & SME Agri, Education, Logistics, Commodities Finance at IndusInd Bank|
Profile photo of Bhartendra Singh
Mr.Bhartendra Singh| Product Management Lead, Aditya Birla Capital |
Profile photo of Megha Sen
Megha Sen | Head – Human Resources at Technopak Advisors Private Limited|